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ABB Low Voltage

ABB PSR25-600-11 Softstarter - 25 A - 208 ... 600 V AC

ABB PSR25-600-11 Softstarter - 25 A - 208 ... 600 V AC

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    PSR25-600-11 Softstarter - 25 A - 208 ... 600 V AC
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    The softstarter PSR25-600-11 has a rated maximum operational current of 25 A with an operating voltage span from 208...600 V AC. The rated control voltage is 24 V AC/DC. PSR features a two-phase control soft start and stop through a voltage ramp. It has built-in bypass for easy installation and energy saving. A RUN and a TOR signal is available from a relay output in NO (normally open state). The start/stop ramp and time is easy to set by three potentiometers on the front. PSR is often used in combination with a manual motor starter (MMS) from ABB, so mechanical connection kits are available. Another popular option is Fieldbus communication, which can be enabled by an external adaptor and a Fieldbus plug. The PSR range is our most compact softstarters with basic functionality and values. They are suitable for small three-phase motors with nominal currents from 3...105 A and can manage up to 100 starts per hour. Common applications are, for example, pumps, fans, compressors, and conveyors.
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