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ABB LV ACS380-042S-02A4-1 AC machinery drive module, IEC: Pn 0.37 kW, 2.4 A

ABB LV ACS380-042S-02A4-1 AC machinery drive module, IEC: Pn 0.37 kW, 2.4 A

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Contact us for further information or support in product selection on the wider ACS380 Machinery Drive Family. This product represents the simplest configuration of the drive.

General Information

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LV AC machinery drive module, IEC: Pn 0.37 kW, 2.4 A (ACS380-042S-02A4-1)
Long Description:
The ACS380 machinery drive comes in several variants, ensuring seamless integration into machines and connecting perfectly to automation systems. It’s a great fit for industries such as food and beverage, material handling and textile. Typical applications include mixers, conveyors, EOT and tower cranes, extruders, and textile machinery. With the integrated functional safety features, the ACS380 drive can be also part of the machine’s safety system via PROFIsafe over PROFINET, ensuring the motor is safely stopped when required. In addition, the drive’s software can be easily customized with adaptive programming to match any specific application requirements.



Number of Phases: 3
Degree of Protection: IP20
Enclosure Type NEMA: Open Type
Frequency (f): 47.5 ... 63 Hz
Frame Size: R0
Input Voltage (Uin): 200 … 240 V
Mounting Type: Module_NO UNIT$
Output Current, Heavy-Duty Use (IHD): 1.8 A
Output Current, Light-Overload Use (ILD): 2.3 A
Output Current, Normal Use (In): 2.4 A
Output Power, Heavy-Duty Use (PHD): 0.25 kW
Output Power, Light-Overload Use (PLD): 0.37 kW
Output Power, Normal Use (Pn): 0.37 kW
Efficiency Level: IE2


ABB ACS380 Machinery Drives

The ACS380 is a very expansive and versatile drive system, possible configurations and variants are numerous. We can't possibly stock all these possible variations. Get in touch for other variants, we can order all types and configurations and can provide assistance if you're not sure which model you need for your application.


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