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ABB Low Voltage

ABB M2SSK3-301 Selector Switch 2-Pos Mom

ABB M2SSK3-301 Selector Switch 2-Pos Mom

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    M2SSK3-301 Selector Switch
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    The M2SSK3-301 Selector Switch is: 2-position - Maintained - Key - Black/Key - Non-illuminated - Chrome Metal - No contact block
    This Selector Switch is part of ABB's modular plastic range, the most versatile range with a high level of flexibility and market-leading electrical ratings. Engineered for total reliability, longer lifetime, and highest mechanical durability. Self-cleaning contacts ensure reliable operation without the need for maintenance, increasing uptime. A high degree of protection guarantees reliability in extreme environments. The innovative design simplifies the entire process, from selection to easy and quick, tool-free installation. The perfect solution for every application.
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