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ABB Low Voltage

ABB Adam OSSD-Info M12-8 Sensor

ABB Adam OSSD-Info M12-8 Sensor

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    Adam OSSD-Info M12-8
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  • Catalog Description:
    Adam OSSD-Info M12-8 Sensor
  • Long Description:
    Eden is a non-contact safety sensor used as interlocking device for e.g. doors and safe position monitoring.

    Adam safety sensor with OSSD signals and information output. Used with an Eva actuator to form a non-contact safety sensor Eden. M12-8 male connector. Four pieces of DA 1B distance plates and four pieces of DA 2B distance rings are included.

    Adam senses the presence of Eva without mechanical contact and therefore without any wear. The compact size of Eden and its 360°mounting possibility make it easy to use in most applications.

    Eden is UL approved for use in US and Canada.
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