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ABB Low Voltage

ABB BT50(T) Safety relay / Expansion relay

ABB BT50(T) Safety relay / Expansion relay

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Item type LV ABB


NB. Now a discontinued product from ABB

Power supply
Operational voltage
+24 VDC +15 %/-25 %
Power consumption
< 2 VA
Relay outputs
3 NO + 1 NC
Max. switching capacity
Resistive load AC
6 A/250 VAC / 1500 VA
Inductive load AC
Utilization category AC-15: 240 VAC / 2 A
Resistive load DC
6 A/24 VDC / 150 W
Inductive load DC
Utilization category DC-13: 24 VDC / 1 A
Max. total switching capacity
12 A distributed on all contacts
Min. load
10 mA/10 V (if load on contact has not exceeded 100 mA)
Contact material
AgSnO2 + Au flash

Fuses output (external)
5 A gL/gG
Conditional short-circuit current (1 kA)
6 A gG
Max. input wire res. at nom. voltage
200 Ω
Response time
When deactivating
<20 ms or delayed (BT50T) max 1500ms
Degree of protection
Enclosure: IP 40 IEC 60529
Connection blocks: IP 20 IEC 60529
Operating temperature range
-10°C to 55°C
Operating humidity range
35% to 85% (With no icing or condensation)
Impulse Withstand Voltage
2.5 kV

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