Going live! with Automation.co.uk

Going live! with Automation.co.uk

We're really pleased to be able to bring you this new website, automation.co.uk, to allow you to buy many different automation components directly from us.

Initially we're bringing you a small selection of the products that we've been selling directly to customers but we're going to be adding more as the months progress.

Our first offering covers a large amount of equipment for panel building, these are organised into a number of subcategories; Control Switches, Contactors, Manual Motor Starters, Pilot Devices, Power Supplies, Relays & Controls, Safety Products and Softstarters.

We're also bringing you the ABB E180 and ABB E190 motion drives and associated products.There's also a load more products to support motion automation, including Braking resistors, Cables, Chokes and Filters.

We're product specialists for many of ABB's products and are part of ABB's AVP Programme, recognised for our knowledge and expertise using and specifying ABB's motion automation products, you can rely on us for the best knowledge and freshest products from ABB.

We'd love to know what you think. Are there products that you think we should have or (hopefully not) you've spotted a mistake?

We look forward to serving you.

Thanks for reading,

Automation.co.uk Website Team


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