Smartmotor based Actuators with High Speed and Force Control



The Smartmotor is a true closed loop DC Motor based motion control system with built in encoder and PID control. What does this really mean in terms of benefits to the user and especially when combined with a linear actuator?

First of all the Smartmotor has great feedback control of position, velocity and torque.  The fundamentals of motion control are such that control of load torque leads to better velocity control and control of velocity leads to better position control.  So by having great torque control the smartmotor has great velocity and position control. This is not always the case with non-closed loop systems.

Because it has an inbuilt encoder and the control system is built onto the motor the measurement of encoder position is FAST. This means that the difference between the commanded position and actual shaft position (Following Error) is measured FAST and is available to the user for use in assessing the load torque.

Combined with a linear actuator this torque control/measurement translates to Force control/measurement and this can be done at programmed positions. This can be a huge benefit to the machine designer and this combination is really useful in many applications such as press-fit, datuming, fast product reject stations, flip stations etc.

Because the controls are built into the smartmotor  the cost is very competitive with other closed loop servo control systems and building into a sub assembly is so much quicker and easier. Built in I/O and communications means that pass/fail and other typical diagnostics can easily be achieved.

Programming software is rich and powerful and still easy to use and is free of charge and support for the Smartmotor is long established and first class.

For any further information please don’t hesitate to contact SMS