5 Key Considerations When Selecting Motion Systems 

Think about your process;

What will be the fastest move?
What will be the maximum mass?
What repeatability is required? (There is a big difference between 50um and 5um).

Consider the controller

Do you need many axis or just one or two?
Do you want high speed synchronisation or will low speed open loop suffice?

Sizing the motor and drive

Select too small a motor and you will have an underperforming system whilst selecting too large a motor will not only cost you money but will limit the system performance because most of the energy will go into accelerating and decelerating the mass of the motor and not the actuator.

Consider the load inertia and system stability

Do you need a gearbox to stabilise the control loop and if so what is the optimum ratio?

Think about the cost

A low cost system might soon run into trouble and end up costing a lot more time and money.


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