Exclusive SmartMotors™Offer

SMS are pleased to announce an offer for the popular range of SmartMotors™


was priced at £531.41 now priced £ 399


was priced at £608.51 now priced £ 450
SM34165D was priced at £840.41 now priced

£ 625

SM34165DT was priced at £1003.23 now priced

£ 750

As can be seen from the figures the new prices are all effectively 25% less than before. This offer is only available to customers who have previously purchased a SmartMotor™ before.

These motors are the high performance CLASS 5 motors, Brushless powerful and efficient DC Motor with integrated Encoder and wide ranging position controller. These motors are capable of a wide range of motion control applications and have an open interface allowing connectivity to PC’s, PLC’s and other peripherals a very low cost. In addition the motors can be interconnected at high speed using a very easy to use system at no extra cost (CDS Option).

The SmartMotor™ is a class leading product with a great range of features and support and is very robust and reliable, the very low cost of ownership includes free software and free flash firmware upgrades.