Programmable Protection Features

How Advanced Drives & Controllers Are Offering More Machine Protection Through Programmable Features & Quick Stop Capabilities

Moog Animatics announces the availability of a new White Paper.

Protection of the automated machine and related equipment/materials is an important design consideration for any motion control system. This protection can be provided through the use of various hardware components.  However, looking beyond the protective capabilities of hardware components, what about the supplemental, programmable protection capabilities offered by the motion control system?


To address that question, Moog Animatics has created a new White Paper titled Programmable Protection—How Advanced Drives & Controllers Are Offering More Machine Protection through Programmable Features & Quick-Stop Capabilities. This paper is designed to help readers understand the importance and utility of programmable protection features. It details some of the newest innovations in programmable equipment/machine protection found in advanced controllers, including the SmartMotor integrated servo by Moog Animatics. Additionally, the paper provides several real-world application examples showing the use and implementation of programmable protection features.


This white paper is available for download from the Moog Animatics website at: