Conformal Coating Machines

dip-coating-machine-4Coating technology has never been more accessible, for those in the electronics industry, conformal coating has never been as important as it is today with the compromises made to create electronics at the reduced scales and even account for flexibility.

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I/O Device CAN Bus Master

Imagine being able to control an entire machine, simply, economically, and effectively, without need for an external bus master — that dream is now a reality.

Animatics is pleased to announce the release of its new I/O Device CAN Bus Master capability. This extension of previous I/O support enables the Class 5 SmartMotor™ to interface with standard CiA 301 CANopen® devices such as:

  • Remote digital/analog/mixed signal I/O
  • Temperature controllers
  • CAN bus absolute or relative encoders
  • Pneumatic valve blocks
  • Inclinometers
  • Load cells
  • And many more

Basic control allows 8, 16 or 32-bit sized data objects with support for both PDO and SDO protocols. The supported profiles include but are not limited to I/O profile, encoder profile and DS4xx profile. This provides the ability to:

  • Dynamically map SmartMotor PDOs, map another device’s PDOs, and start the NMT state
  • Send/receive, via the SmartMotor, up to 5 PDOs each, or RX (Receive) and TX (Transmit)
  • Read/write SDOs in expedited mode only, which works up to 32-bit data

Further, multiple SmartMotors and multiple I/O devices may be on the same CAN bus. When combined with Combitronic motor-to-motor communications, this allows for complex, multi-axis, multi-I/O-device network control. Now you have full machine control with just the SmartMotors — no other HMI or bus master is required!

This capability is now available on Class 5 SmartMotors with the CANopen fieldbus option. Contact SMS Machines & Automation today for more details on how this advanced capability and other SmartMotor features will reduce your development time, reduce machine build and replication costs, and improve your speed to market!

Understanding Combitronics

What isCombitronic_Final_Master?

Animatics Corporation has introduced a significant advancement in Integrated Motor Technology. Combitronic™ is a protocol that operates over a standard “CAN” (Controller Area Network) interface. It may coexist with either CANopen or DeviceNet protocols at the same time. Unlike these common protocols however, Combitronic™ requires no single dedicated master to operate. Each Integrated Servo connected to the same network communicates on an equal footing, sharing all information, and therefore, sharing all processing resources. Combitronic communications operate over a standard “CAN” interface, the same basic hardware used in most automobiles as well as in familiar industrial networks such as CANopen and DeviceNet. Unlike these common control networks, however, Combitronic has no master or slave.

An array of Animatics SmartMotor servos become one giant parallel-processing system when equipped with the Combitronic™ interface. This powerful technological advancement provides the joint benefits of centralized and distributed control while eliminating their respective historical drawbacks, opening up the possibility to either:

• Eliminate PLCs from machine designs
• Enhancing the performance of existing PLCs by unburden¬ing it from specific tasks

The optional Combitronic™ technology allows any motor’s program to read from, write to, or control any other motor simply by tagging a local variable or command with the other motor’s CAN address. All SmartMotor™ units become one multi-tasking, data-sharing system without writing a single line of communications code or requiring detailed knowledge of the CAN protocol. The only prerequisite is to have matched baud rates and unique addresses.

Up to 120 SmartMotor servos may be addressed on a single array using Combitronic technology.

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Master Moog SmartMotor

Become The Ultimate SmartMotor Smart User 

The Resources You Need To Master The Moog SmartMotor

Now you can access Animatics SmartMotor customer support, training, and application assistance documents all in one place. From installation and start-up to application development and troubleshooting, find the answers you need with the following SmartMotor™ resources:

White Papers

Installation and Start-up Guides

Developer’s Guide

Video Demo

Trust us – this is one page you’ll want to bookmark.


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Smartmotor based Actuators with High Speed and Force Control



The Smartmotor is a true closed loop DC Motor based motion control system with built in encoder and PID control. What does this really mean in terms of benefits to the user and especially when combined with a linear actuator?

First of all the Smartmotor has great feedback control of position, velocity and torque.  The fundamentals of motion control are such that control of load torque leads to better velocity control and control of velocity leads to better position control.  So by having great torque control the smartmotor has great velocity and position control. This is not always the case with non-closed loop systems.

Because it has an inbuilt encoder and the control system is built onto the motor the measurement of encoder position is FAST. This means that the difference between the commanded position and actual shaft position (Following Error) is measured FAST and is available to the user for use in assessing the load torque.

Combined with a linear actuator this torque control/measurement translates to Force control/measurement and this can be done at programmed positions. This can be a huge benefit to the machine designer and this combination is really useful in many applications such as press-fit, datuming, fast product reject stations, flip stations etc.

Because the controls are built into the smartmotor  the cost is very competitive with other closed loop servo control systems and building into a sub assembly is so much quicker and easier. Built in I/O and communications means that pass/fail and other typical diagnostics can easily be achieved.

Programming software is rich and powerful and still easy to use and is free of charge and support for the Smartmotor is long established and first class.

For any further information please don’t hesitate to contact SMS



Exclusive SmartMotors™Offer

SMS are pleased to announce an offer for the popular range of SmartMotors™


was priced at £531.41 now priced £ 399


was priced at £608.51 now priced £ 450
SM34165D was priced at £840.41 now priced

£ 625

SM34165DT was priced at £1003.23 now priced

£ 750

As can be seen from the figures the new prices are all effectively 25% less than before. This offer is only available to customers who have previously purchased a SmartMotor™ before.

These motors are the high performance CLASS 5 motors, Brushless powerful and efficient DC Motor with integrated Encoder and wide ranging position controller. These motors are capable of a wide range of motion control applications and have an open interface allowing connectivity to PC’s, PLC’s and other peripherals a very low cost. In addition the motors can be interconnected at high speed using a very easy to use system at no extra cost (CDS Option).

The SmartMotor™ is a class leading product with a great range of features and support and is very robust and reliable, the very low cost of ownership includes free software and free flash firmware upgrades.


Programmable Protection Features

How Advanced Drives & Controllers Are Offering More Machine Protection Through Programmable Features & Quick Stop Capabilities

Moog Animatics announces the availability of a new White Paper.

Protection of the automated machine and related equipment/materials is an important design consideration for any motion control system. This protection can be provided through the use of various hardware components.  However, looking beyond the protective capabilities of hardware components, what about the supplemental, programmable protection capabilities offered by the motion control system?


To address that question, Moog Animatics has created a new White Paper titled Programmable Protection—How Advanced Drives & Controllers Are Offering More Machine Protection through Programmable Features & Quick-Stop Capabilities. This paper is designed to help readers understand the importance and utility of programmable protection features. It details some of the newest innovations in programmable equipment/machine protection found in advanced controllers, including the SmartMotor integrated servo by Moog Animatics. Additionally, the paper provides several real-world application examples showing the use and implementation of programmable protection features.


This white paper is available for download from the Moog Animatics website at:

5 Key Considerations When Selecting Motion Systems 

Think about your process;

What will be the fastest move?
What will be the maximum mass?
What repeatability is required? (There is a big difference between 50um and 5um).

Consider the controller

Do you need many axis or just one or two?
Do you want high speed synchronisation or will low speed open loop suffice?

Sizing the motor and drive

Select too small a motor and you will have an underperforming system whilst selecting too large a motor will not only cost you money but will limit the system performance because most of the energy will go into accelerating and decelerating the mass of the motor and not the actuator.

Consider the load inertia and system stability

Do you need a gearbox to stabilise the control loop and if so what is the optimum ratio?

Think about the cost

A low cost system might soon run into trouble and end up costing a lot more time and money.


SMS have the skills and experience to help you size and select the best motion system – we have sold and implemented thousands of axes across a wide range of industries and saved customers thousands of pounds!  If you think we could be of use to you on your next project, please get in touch by clicking here.